Using accessories to create beautiful interiors.

Using accessories to create beautiful interiors! it’s easy to have an interior that is stylish and creative. Best of all and you can have fun picking the different accessories. It starts with choosing a color palette. And your accessories should include those colors or combine contrasting them.

 First ,start with a neutral interior palette whether you’re furnishings are gray ,off-white, white, or beige . Then begin choosing a few accent colors In this example beige and blues are picked up in the pillows. I can have different patterns.

Secondly,use some other accessory pieces like pottery rock a throw blanket that is from the same color family, or a different one. You just want to make sure you try to repeat the color in other accessories. This instance the pottery has the blue and the coffee table books pick up some of the blue and natural colors and introduce a few other colors.
Thirdly, choosing a painting that has some of the same colors will help tie everything together. These are just a few examples of some accessories to use. I will still add a throw blanket and an area rug that might have one of the accent colors.
In conclusion, have fun starting with some of your favorite accessories. And you can begin enhancing the interior by finding some complementary pieces to place in different parts of the room. Finding a central painting might be one of the first things you want to do and work with the colors that you have in it. It is likely to be the focal point of the room. Is is easy to pair accent pillows to pull some of the colors from the painting.
Lastly you can always contact www.caronschwartzinteriordesign.com for a consultation! I’d love to work with you to enhance an existing room or start from scratch.