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Staging and Interior Design


Whether you are looking to start from the beginning with a new home, work with an existing home, just bought a new home, or have interiors you are living in that need an update, Caron will create a plan that works for you. You will not be disappointed. Your interiors will reflect a new lifestyle with optimism and make a statement. Complete interior design or staging and styling are available.

Professional Staging

Make buyers fall in love with your home and maximize your profit with professional staging! Staging is the use of various techniques to create an amazing interior of a home to secure an overwhelmingly positive response from potential buyers and their agents Showing a home staged establishes an ambience, a vision of a lifestyle, at its vibrant best . It allows buyers to imagine the home as it could be, it also guards against buyers devaluing a property and giving lower offers or dragging their feet seeing it empty. Optimally, staging shows off the best qualities of the home while suggesting a casual yet sophisticated lifestyle. A fresh, dynamic, appealing ambiance that captures the buyers imagination. Statistics show that staging your home not only increases its value but also helps it sell faster. Staged homes spend 83% less time on the market than non-staged homes.


For one low fee, Caron will meet with clients and give detailed instructions and advice on each room of the home. She will bring a portfolio of examples to the homeowner and go over details for each room, including furniture arrangement, art placement, optimizing accessories, and of course, a list of items to remove. She tailors the appointment to the client’s needs and offers referrals as requested, such as storage or packing.


Whether you live in the home and want to change some items, or are working with empty rooms.

Some homeowners will be living in the home while it is on the market but many things can be done to enhance the existing home . These situations require a specific set of design solutions that can make a difference for the sale of the home, Caron will meet with the homeowner for the initial bid and together they will discuss the client’s needs. Caron will then provide a customized bid for the client using their furniture and accessories to varying degrees and augmenting the homeowner’s items with those from her collection. She will advise what to put away and how to enhance the home for its maximum potential.

Virtual Staging

Virtual staging is a great way to imagine an interior. If your interior is currently empty virtual staging makes it easy to visualize what it might look like with furnishings. Alternatively sometimes if a room is not very attractive, and needs change. it’s a great way to see it altered.” Thus easier to commit to the change and financial purchases.

Mood boards can help you select a look, direction or furnishings for a room.”